This is an experienced inquiry management service, where you can search for openings in a variety of industries. The website has several categories of skilled professionals: repairmen, guides as well as legal counselors and bookkeepers as well as veterinarians and many more.


The work guidelines are similar to the independent trade: the candidates are looking for instructions in their area they then pass along a reaction to the company and then choose the entertainer, and then concludes an agreement with the entertainer. Managements may also be offered by way of the distance. The experts who have been vetted are noted on their profiles regarding the date of death on the record confirmation. Audits of the qualified business and/or the professional are scrutinized by arbitrators. Any violations of the rules of the assistance are slowed. Additionally, you can enjoy a very long job by joining the group. There are positions available for analysis and frontend-engineers and fullstack-engineers, creators as well as promoting professional experts, bookkeepers, call-focus managers and many more.

Geolocation: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.


  1. YouDo (

Expert hunt administration constantly provides job offers. It is akin to an independent trader job seeker who searches for an opportunity to run a reasonable errand, and makes contact with his contacts. Some of the gig classifications include programming, coaching, plan improvement, quality and more. YouDo is a captivating website with informative articles and these aren’t only focused on work. There is many intriguing job opportunities on the site, as well as writings about brain research (for example burnout, for instance) and various other areas of knowledge.


The installment is done by means of a secured exchange through the site. as long as the client or entertainer turns out to be fraudulent, the money is returned. The entertainers who have been screened are able to show a proof of a report that is confirmed as valid. Audits are scrutinized by arbitrators.


The site also has an section called “You Do for Business” which allows you to find orders that are productive made from legitimate sources. for the most part no opportunities for people who are able to do extremely durable work, however there are opportunities for work that requires minimal maintenance as well as night shifts and movements.


Geolocation: urban areas in Russia.


  1. Turboudalenka (

The site offers the possibility of remote work. The categories of work include IT sports, travel industry and bookkeeping, law, advanced circle, and various regions. There are opportunities for those with no previous experience. There are job offers in English.


Geolocation: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan


  1. FL.RU (

It is the largest Russian-speaking independent trade in which opportunities for work on projects are announced. In the segments (for example enhancement (SEO) or plan and copywriting, executive and the list goes on) clients spread out the work with TOR and the cost of starting. People who are interested in performing react to the project with their own costs, and then put them in cutoff timesin the project, and then elaborate about their own.


The majority of ventures are remote. areas of movement generally classified as advanced IT. Projects are handled by a secured arrangement that guarantees security , and, if necessary discounts. Consultants are able to post their work in a portfolio. The top performers (on this site for more than one year and with the highest percentage of positive input) are distinguished with the designation “profi”. The site is good for those seeking an one-time project. It is possible to obtain an extremely long-lasting job here too the openings are mostly from IT and the more advanced (the executive, SMM, expert, and others) Most are designed to be remote-based.


Geolocation: 211 nations.


  1. FreelanceHunt (

The first independent trade occurred in 2005 in Ukraine It is very well-known in Russia. Specialists are employed across the country. The norm of employment is quite old fashioned as is the case with many exchangers.


Performers and clients with valid documents are tagged. Installation of projects is done via the secure (secure outsourcing process) or directly. Continue (a brief description of himself and his abilities) the performer puts on the same field. The portfolio is where the professional can share the work they have done in any way (both recording and image) or link to their application/article or business. If you pay a fee it is possible to connect “Profile Plus” where you can find unique projects as well as offers for them and other highlights are available. FreelanceHunt is a site that has open positions that are extremely long-lasting with a small number of the most part , offers to be employed from IT or advanced groups.


Geolocation: 155 countries across the globe.


  1. (

This is a particular site for the job of chasing down medical staff. The assistance is a piece of a colossal entry – an online-administration for enlistment in private facilities of Moscow district. The database of the site includes over 500 private clinics and symptomatic centers, as well as 22,000 experts.


There are opportunities only for clinical staff such as drug specialist and drug specialist staff, etc. All companies (private facilities as well as indicative focuses) are reviewed and remembered to provide information about the site.


Geolocation: Moscow.


  1. MaritimeZone (sea

This particular site distributes all day long openings for the sea business. The data on the site includes more than 135 thousand sailors, numerous thousand proposals for work and more than thousand managers.


The job description includes catering (cook and collaborator cook and so on) and the voyage transportation faculty (chairman or steward as well as inn engineer and other such) Mariners in a straightforward manner (on fishing boats or yacht and so on) engineers (circuit repairmen mechanics, circuit repairmen) Safety officers, surgeons, in-country posts (IT support engineer port engineer, welder and so on.) There are many opportunities available for positions in English as well as Ukrainian.


Geolocation: 32 countries across the globe.


  1. Geekjob (

An unsettling search for new management of employment in IT and the most up-to-date posting proposals for jobs. Beginning today, there will be more than 1000 job opportunities for project managers, designers investigators, researchers and more.


The site is able to identify jobs that are not searching – in order to obtain resumes from a task searcher, the company must contact the candidate. In the event of an opportunity, it isn’t obvious the amount of responses to it. All occurs in the name of nothing, with speedy response via approval on the website or via informal networks. The site actually examines the managers and stamps them independently. Geekjob cautions users on the possibility that a company’s data is found in an email that is public instead of a corporate one. When looking for a job that you are looking for, be sure to look for the correct symbols for innovations (JavaScript, Devops, Frontend, Backend and others).


Location: Russia, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus and others.


  1. Tploger (

The website for designers provides opportunities for positions in areas of the IT field. There are a variety of areas to work in that are offered are frontend, web backend, QA, flexible, blockchain, examination and AI.


The site has useful IT-media resources, as well as numerous informative content. The number of managers on the site is small, but they are thoroughly verified and their job offers have been formulated. Many opportunities allow remote work.


Geolocation: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Barnaul.


  1. ITMOZG (

The website offers job advertisements for IT professionals and developers. experts in the field. The areas of specialization include testing, IT for executive, banking programming, broadcast communications, and many diverse areas.


The position is targeted towards IT faculty, and the majority of the jobs are designed for remote work. The site offers a distinct section with events – these are hackathons, addresses and courses for budding developers. ITMOZG provides helpful writing, stories and information about programming.


Geolocation: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus.


  1. Work on a rotating basis with the direct supervisors (

This website has some experience regarding shifts, including day by day openings for gas, oil, and gold mining companies. The companies include Rosneft, Gazprom, Lukoil, Mosgaz and other significant organisations.


To slash away at an axis of rotation in the North utilize the strengths of a mechanical engineer, exceptional equipment, development specialist, cook driver, vendor, driller and packer. The shift workers are offered meals and convenience. Conceivable plan for getting work done: 15/15, 30/30, 45/30, 60/30.


Geolocation: Sakhalin, Volgograd, Urengoy, Tyumen, Yamalo-Nenets AO, Khanty-Mansi AO, Surgut, Komi, Crimea, Usinsk, Krasnodar, Sochi, Moscow.


  1. Moscow Employment Center (

This Employment Center site helps work seekers find the job they want. The most prominent CZN collaborators are the websites Superjob and the official website that is run by the City of Moscow and gosusluzhba. From the moment you are logged in, it’s possible to sign up to the website.


The site’s employees will help you find an acceptable job and then employ the applicant like in any other business location. The bank of jobs contains current job offers. The work fields differ in many ways: catering, teaching sciences, craftsmanship law and other. All job offers are up-to-date. Businesses are checked by clicking on their name, company, details about the company show on the screen: name, TIN phone number address, address, email.

The urban community of Geolocation in Russia.


  1. Yandex.Ads (

This is another Yandex administration that is designed for those looking for work. In this case, the company is able to add an opening as well as the job seeker can add his resume as well as a proposal for administrations.


On the site , it’s easy to start an exciting new job without any experience and with extraordinary capabilities It is possible to reserve a specific to work on a temporary basis or even. In any event this issue is the same as Avito management is not examined, and there are many unfounded theories.


Geolocation: urban zones of Russia.


  1. To be certain (

A global aid created in 2004 allows job seekers with access to jobs across the world across the globe. In the list of companies (multiple millions!) they include McDonalds, Nokia, Oxford University.

There are opportunities available in English, Polish, German and French. Certain organizations and businesspeople have a rating representative (counting those who have been in the past in the order of the position and the city are compiled by username) score (from one to five) the organization and make a comment about their activities. There are separate things for pluses and minuses.


Geolocation: 60 countries of the globe.


  1. Hubr for professions (

This is an aid of the website of similar name, that offers job openings positions from within the IT circle. More than 1,000 companies have put out bids for jobs which include Yandex, Group, Kaspersky Lab, Sber and others.


Every business is inspected and are rated, which is completed by company’s representatives (counting former employees).


The general rating as well as ratings for extraordinary measures can be based on by interesting assignments, adequate pay, social bundles and vocation development, relationships to partners and so on. In addition, the company has an ordinary suggestion, which is which is represented by a rating and a heart picture that is the degree of the representatives that represent this company.


Geolocation: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

  1. Opening the doors on (

This is the area of to find opportunities in direct companies. There are companies which are not approved which include Tinkoff, Uma.Tech, Ozon, Evraz and others. There are job offers from which are in the majority of cases, designers and administrators.


There are not so many propositions for employment, every one of them are from IT and computerized circles: advancement, organization, business-examination, testing, and so forth


Geolocation: urban zones of Russia.


  1. Opportunities on Youla (

In this section of the website Youla is able to get offers for positions from renowned companies like IKEA, Citymobile, Delivery club, Beeline and others. The site was first created in the beginning as a part of Group. Group, presently it particularly the section that is open, is growing and constructing.


The standard for presenting resumes is to compare them with “Positions in Avito” There is no set format and you are able to present your work in a way that is subjective. The business’s profile isn’t checked an issue if you confirm your profile by contacting the interpersonal group VK. VK provides the ratings of the business, but the majority of large companies do not have it.


Geolocation: urban zones of Russia.


  1. One hand and the next (

On this website of announcements it is possible to hunt interesting products and an appealing job opportunity. The majority of people looking for jobs post their promotions on this site and also announce their services.


The site offers a variety of ideas from school teachers or creative exercises. In general, businesses are individuals, large organizations are rare. There isn’t a good question to classify – it’s difficult to promote advertisements via specific calling, metro stations or metro station, etc.


Urban communities: Geolocation in Russia.


  1. GDE.RU (

The announcement board frequently disseminates job offers. Different circles of movement: public assistance, work and culture and law IT and the board, and so on . In the inquiry channels you can choose the best method to complete your work as well as pay, and possibly free of the schooling.


The website has a variety of openings for low maintenance and minimal maintenance work and there are many opportunities for those who aren’t experienced. doesn’t check bosses, promotions can contain questionable ideas.


Geolocation: urban areas in Russia.


  1. FarPost (

The site is full of ads that sell products but also with opportunities. The list of job opportunities is extensive, and includes mostly “traditional” job titles like driver specialist, professional, packer security officer, and clerk and many more.


There are several low-maintenance and low maintenance jobs and a variety of messenger jobs. Similar to other messages sheets Be cautious as businesses aren’t checked by mediators and there are a lot of suspicious openings in bids for work.


Urban communities: Geolocation in Russia.

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